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Our Student Handbook provides a resource for students seeking information regarding Natural Sciences student services, advising information, academic programs, college and university resources, student organizations, college academic policies and procedures and a little help from current students!  

Access our handbook here: CNS Student Handbook

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Fall 2020 UT Registration Information

Please review the following information regarding your Fall 20 UT registration.  It is your responsibility to review and verify that your schedule is correct before the 12th class day.

Verify your schedule here: https://utdirect.utexas.edu/registration/classlist.WBX

1st through 4th class day               8/26/20 through 8/31/20

Adds and drops may be done online.

5th through 12th class day             9/1/20 through 9/11/20


A registered student wanting to add a class should go to the department offering the class. Adds are at the discretion of the department offering the course. Payment for added classes must be received by 5 pm, 12th class day. You should verify your registration record on or before the 12th class day. Late adds on or after the 12th class day are only approved if there is a documented administrative or departmental error.  


Drops may be done online. The online registration system closes at 5 pm on the 12th class day, Friday 9/11/20. Drops initiated after 5 pm on 9/11/20 will indicate a Q on your transcript and no refund will be given.

Change Grade Status. Change to pass or fail or back to letter grade online. 


If you wish to drop all your courses, this must be done in person, WCH 1.106. A physical form of photo ID is required, either UT or government-issued. You must also schedule an appointment to meet briefly with a nonacademic counselor. Refund schedule is below and is printed in the Course Schedule. No refunds will be given after the 20th class day 9/23/20.

Withdrawals Refund % 

During the 1st through 5th class days        80%

During the 6th through 10th class days      70%  

During the 11th through 15th class days    50%

During the 16th through 20th class days    25%

After the 20th class day                              None 



Students on probation that withdraw after the 20th class day will be automatically placed on dismissal.

For any further general queries or questions on our college policies, see our Student Handbook linked near the top of the page.