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CNS College Meeting 1: Transitioning to UT

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CNS Academic Advising

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CNS Degree Requirement Options

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CNS Registration 101

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Resources and Handouts


Common AP/IB Transfer Credit:

We recommend waiting until you meet with your academic advisor at orientation to determine which credits you can claim for your AP/IB scores.  Follow up with your academic advisor may be required for summer AP/IB submissions.

We also recommend students wait until meeting with their advisor to take the ALEKS chemistry assessment as refunds are not an option for the ALEKs preparation package.

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CNS Core Recommendations:

All students pursuing an undergraduate degree at the University must complete the forty-two-hour statewide core curriculum.

Below is the list of available options for coursework that you will be able to discuss during your advising meeting at orientation. 

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CNS Sample Schedules:

The College of Natural Sciences would like to reassure you that you will be able to enroll in the courses needed to keep you on track for graduation.

We highly recommend being as flexible as possible regarding your schedule options to reduce possible anxiety about your fall registration & classes.

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Stop and Watch:

Please watch these instructional videos to learn how to navigate the resources that are available for you at the University of Texas at Austin.


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CNS Math Options:

Every College of Natural Sciences student is required to purchase the Math Readiness Package and take the UT Math Assessment (UTMA) by June 1st.  You will discuss your UTMA results during your academic advising appointment.

The UTMA is designed to determine the calculus course that best fits your needs and abilities.  Nobody fails this assessment because it is simply an indicator of your high school calculus preparation. 

UT Austin has the resources for pre-calculus and calculus learning opportunities to assist you in your success.

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Important Links & Dates:

A Quick Response (QR) code consists of black squares arranged in a square grid on a white background, which can be read by an imaging device such as a camera that points to a website or application.

To access QR codes, open your camera on your smartphone or device and hover over the code. 

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