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Stengl Scholarship



2021 Stengl-Wyer Scholar Recipients

Liming Cai

Hosts: Robert Jansen and Justin Havird

Refining the evolution of plant mitochondria en route to a non-photosynthetic lifestyle

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Harry Siviter

Hosts: Felicity Muth and Shahlene Jha

Quantifying the interaction effects of nutrition, parasitism, and chemical stress on native pollinators

Ummat Somjee

Hosts: Justin Havird and Mike Ryan

How does energy shape sexually selected trait evolution? From mitochondria to species

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2020 Stengl-Wyer Scholar Recipients

Thomas Bytnerowicz

Hosts: Amelia Wolf and Caroline Farrior

What processes control nitrogen fixation across tropical and subtropical biomes?

Shana Caro

Hosts: Hans Hofmann and Mark Kirkpatrick

How evolutionary conflict shapes parental investment in European starlings, Sturnus vulgaris

Chase Smith

Hosts: Mark Kirkpatrick, David Hillis, and Justin Havird

Unraveling the origin and evolution of sex determination in a group of parasitic bivalves with doubly uniparental inheritance


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