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What to do to get ready


Consider collaborating with colleagues who teach the same course as you engage with these resources and prepare to teach in a new school year

cns departmental contacts

Contact these people to find out what is happening in your department.

Department Point of Contact Email
AST Steve Finkelstein stevenf@astro.as.utexas.edu
BIO Janice Fischer janicefischer@austin.utexas.edu
CH Graeme Henkelman henkelman@utexas.edu
CS Alison Norman ans@cs.utexas.edu 
HDFS Marci Gleason mgleason@mail.utexas.edu
IB Tim Keitt tkeitt@utexas.edu
Math Lorenzo Sadun sadun@math.utexas.edu
MBS Karen Browning kbrowning@cm.utexas.edu
MSI Andrew Esbaugh a.esbaugh@austin.utexas.edu 
NEU John Mihic mihic@austin.utexas.edu
NTR Laura Lashinger lalash@austin.utexas.edu
PBH Sonia Gonzalez sonia.gonzalez@utexas.edu
PHY Greg Sitz gositz@physics.utexas.edu 
SDS Kristin Harvey kharvey@utexas.edu
TXA Vertica Bhardwaj vertica.bhardwaj@austin.utexas.edu 


OUR team

Have teaching-related questions? A member of our team will be sure to respond.

See our BIO page to learn a bit more about us:

  • Dr. Keely Finkelstein
  • Dr. Kristin Patterson