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When is it?

 The resources below are from Summer 2020, when we were preparing to teach online in Fall 2021. Fall 2021 has its own set of unique challenges. A set a resources focused on designing courses for student success is is available for asynchronous use. Contact us.

What is involved?

We are aware that there is a lot going on right now and that being ready to teach your class online this fall might seem like a heavy lift. Therefore, this iteration of the Course Design Institute will serve as a guided tour of resources available to help you make students excited to learn and interact in your online course. It will give you opportunities to share ideas with colleagues and point you to specific places to get you the answers you need to be ready in the fall.

You will do some work independently each week and then come together to share ideas and give each other feedback. Click on each tab to find out what you should do each week.