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“How has being part of Health Science Scholars benefited you?” That's the question we asked these students. Each of them is eager to encourage students like you to discover whether HSS seems like a community you'd like to join. Hear them out, then email them questions about HSS, the University of Texas, and anything else you're curious about.



Sree Dharma

Being a part of Health Science Scholars provided a foundation for my undergraduate experience. Not only was I given resources that opened up various opportunities for me down the line, but I felt a sense of belonging as I was surrounded by a community of like minded individuals. Transitioning from high school to college is usually an intimidating experience, and despite not being on campus due to COVID my freshman year, I was able to form strong friendships early on that are still an integral part of my life. The events and activities hosted by HSS would always serve as refreshing outlets during stressful times, and with guidance from professors in my seminar classes, I was equipped with knowledge that would guide me throughout the years.
EMMA SKIDMORE | Biochemistry
Emma SkidmoreAs a new student to the University of Texas at Austin, the privilege of being in Health Science Scholars (HSS) has been an incredibly enriching experience. As a freshman I knew few people and was quickly intimidated by UT’s expansive campus and equally overwhelming student population. HSS, however, quickly created a familiar community. My HSS peers have supported and guided me not only academically, but personally we have navigated through an unknown environment and enjoyed challenges and new experiences together. Our socials, from painting flower pots by the Turtle Pond, to tie-dying T-shirts on the South Mall on a sunny day with our genetics professor bonded us and encouraged us to engage. HSS has provided me with all the resources I could need to begin my medical profession journey. 
Lauren TranI can say that without a doubt, the Health Science Scholars program here at UT has made the biggest impact on my college career out of everything I am involved in. Similar to the majority of freshmen, I was incredibly nervous entering my first year of college in a new city. However, HSS welcomed me with open arms. Many of the classes I took freshman year were alongside other HSSers, which offered me the comfort of seeing familiar faces everyday. These familiar faces eventually became my closest friends through late night study sessions and lively HSS socials. In addition to giving me my best friends, being a member of the Health Science Scholars program gifted me a valuable network of mentors. This ranges from my knowledgeable professors who never turn away a question (no matter how big or small) to the HSS upperclassmen who provide a listening ear and comforting words. I can't imagine what college would have been like without HSS, and I am so excited for all that this program will be able to offer for any incoming members.


Jaiden Walker

Being a member of HSS has been instrumental in my growth as both a student and a person. I have made some incredible memories including paddle boarding on Lady Bird Lake, honors formal, and late-night study sessions in the PCL because of HSS. We are also introduced to many professional opportunities, including shadowing, mentoring, and meeting doctors and professors. The events mentioned barely touch the surface of what it means to be in HSS. Without HSS, I would not have found a second family at UT and I am very grateful to be in this program and hope to assist the new generation of Health Science Scholars.



TIFFANY ZHOU| Biochemistry

Tiffany PortraitAs a member of the Health Science Scholars community, the program and its people nurtured my passions and interests. With countless resources such as social events, volunteering opportunities, mentorships, and guest speakers, I gained experiences that were beneficial to my academic growth as well as individual development. I also formed wonderful friendships upon connecting with my peers, who are also dedicated and passionate students in the science and healthcare field. The support and assistance from professors, advisors, and peers motivate me to strive for success despite the challenges and obstacles that I may face. HSS is truly compelling, and my involvement has been extremely fulfilling.