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Scholarship Coordinator
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Congratulations on receiving a scholarship from the College of Natural Sciences!  Please read through the following terms and policies regarding your CNS scholarship.  Terms and policies are subject to change, so be sure to review them periodically.  Feel free to contact the CNS Scholarship Coordinator at scholarships@cns.utexas.edu with any questions.

For All CNS Scholarship Recipients

The College of Natural Sciences requires all of its scholarship recipients to be fully enrolled students pursuing their intended major in the College of Natural Sciences.  Recipients of a Health Professions scholarship must be fully enrolled, pre-medical students.  For scholarship purposes, the College defines full-time enrollment as registering and completing at least 12 credit hours per semester.  Please refer to the Quantity of Work Rule. Recipients must also remain in good academic standing and meet a minimum GPA requirement if specified in the award letter and scholarship response form.  Students must also agree to remain free of official disciplinary action from the University and comply with University of Texas policies and regulations with regard to honor codes and academic integrity.


Scholarships are awarded and/or renewed on a yearly basis.  They are paid out in two equal payments with the first payment released in the fall semester and the second payment released in the spring semester.  Payments are released on either the first class day or on the 12th class day, depending on the type of scholarship awarded.  Please refer to the award letter for information on when to expect funds to be released.  The preferred method of payment is via direct deposit.  Please go to UT Direct-My Bank Info for instructions on how to set up direct deposit.  If a direct deposit account is not set up before the payment date, the recipient check pick up option will be selected.  Recipients will receive an email when the check is ready for pick up.  Be sure to keep your email address up-to-date.

Thank You Letters

CNS scholarship recipients are required to write a thank you letter. Recipients of a multi-year or renewable award will be required to write a new thank you letter for each year the scholarship is renewed.  Please refer to the original award letter or renewal email for information on whom the thank you letter should be addressed.   Since we are required to keep a copy of these letters on file, letters should be sent to the Scholarship Coordinator.  The Scholarship Coordinator will then forward the letters appropriately.  Thank you letters should be submitted to the Scholarship Coordinator no later than the deadline given in the award letter or renewal email.  Awards will not be issued until a thank you letter has been received.  Incoming freshmen should refer to the instruction sheet emailed directly to them.  Continuing students should refer to the instructions found here.  Please be sure to carefully read and follow the instructions in regards to the thank you letter content, formatting, and how/where to submit the letter. 

Financial Aid

Please be advised financial aid may be adjusted due to this scholarship.  Also, since these awards are considerd departmental awards, CNS scholarships will not show up on receipients' CASH page.  Contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (512-475-6282) for specific information regarding financial aid.

For One-Year, Non-Renewable Award Recipients

Students’ progress will be checked at the end of the fall semester. If at that time, the recipient is not meeting the criteria as outlined above and on the award letter, the student will be required to meet with the Scholarship Coordinator before the spring payment can be released. Failure to meet with the Scholarship Coordinator may result in the termination of the remainder of the student’s CNS scholarship.

For Multi-Year and/or Renewable Award Recipients

Students’ progress will be checked at the end of the each semester. If at that time, the recipient is not meeting the criteria as outlined above and on the award letter, the student will be placed on probationary scholarship status. Recipient must meet with the Scholarship Coordinator and agree to probationary terms in order to receive the next payment. Probationary terms may include required Residence Hall Study Group attendance, seeking tutoring via the Sanger Learning Center and mandatory attendance at a minimum number of office hours per week. If the student fulfills the agreed upon terms and meets the scholarship criteria at the end of the probationary semester, the scholarship will be continued and probationary status will be lifted. However, if the student either does not agree to the probationary terms or does not meet the agreed upon probationary terms at the end of the probationary semester, the student’s CNS scholarship will be rescinded.

*Some multi-year awards are contingent upon the student’s participation in one of the College’s honors programs (please refer to the original award letter). In this case, scholarship recipients must also comply and meet the terms of the program in order to continue to receive their scholarship funds. Dismissal from the honors program may result in the termination of the award.

Scholarship Payment Forms

If you have received a request indicating payment forms are necessary, please upload those items here