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Some grant proposals require cost-sharing by the University. Other proposals may not require cost-sharing but would be competitively enhanced by a significant demonstration of institutional support in the form of cost-sharing.

Types of cost-sharing provided by the Dean's office can include:

  • staff support 
  • funds to offset expenses for students/postdocs supported on fellowships
  • space allocations or facilities renovations
  • cash for other purposes (also referred to as "matching funds")

Currently, Strategic Research Initiatives (SRI) administers cost-sharing requests for CNS and the Associate Dean of Research (ADR). Requests should be made directly to Andreas Matouschek, matouschek@austin.utexas.edu, and Emily Cole, emily.cole@austin.utexas.edu.  

For cost-sharing requests for federally-sponsored grants, an email template is provided that will prompt you for the pertinent information.  

Please review the following information before requesting cost-sharing support.